Over the past few months you may have noticed a variety of ads appearing in your Gmail Inbox, these ads were formally known as Gmail Sponsored promotions and were only available to advertisers via their Google account manager.

All that has now changed as Google has announced that Native Ads are now available to all advertisers.

What Are Native Ads?

If you are unaware of what the term “native ad” means – it’s quite simple it’s an advert that is formatted like the content surrounding it and appears amongst the content you’re expecting to see – which aims to avoid “banner blindness” that the savvier of internet user has developed over the years. Some popular examples of native ads that you may be familiar with are Twitter’s sponsored Tweets & Facebook’s sponsored stories.

Gmail Native Ads

gmail native ad collapsed

These appear in the promotions tab of your Inbox, above the brands that you have previously given your e-mail address to. They appear in the “collapsed ad” format and matches the look and feel of the Gmail inbox. Users can click on this to expand it and get more details.

Gmail Expanded Ad

gmail native ad expanded
This is a full-page native ad that recreates the informational and visual richness of a landing page – an advertisers options here appear to be quite limitless (as long as they are within Google’s T&Cs!). After users click to expand, any subsequent clicks on your content are free, including clicks to save the ad to your inbox or forward it to others.

Gmail Native Ad Targeting

Gmail native Ad targeting is very sophisticated, in addition to the standard adwords targeting options such as contextual, geographic, demographic and remarketing), this ad format will also utilise information from searches you perform, websites you visit and your Google profile.

If you have been researching holidays (as we all enjoy doing!), you’re quite likely to start seeing holiday ads in your Gmail Inbox.

Domain targeting is also an option – allowing you to target the domain names that users receive e-mails from. This can be your own domain name, which can help you reach more of your mailing list, or even your competitor’s domain!


Gmail Native Ads are a new feature and chances are your competitors haven’t jumped on board with this form of advertising yet, speak to us and we’ll get your campaign up and running!

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