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Sentiment Analysis

Do you really know how your clients and customers feel about your brand? If the answer is no you are in a very similar situation to many all around the world.

It’s no secret that social media has given customers, clients and even fans more direct access than ever before, making it vital to manage your online reputation.

By finding out what people are saying and how they are feeling by your brand you will be able to focus on what is liked and do less of the rest!

Sentiment analysis can be useful all year round, or if you wanted to when particular events take place or situations occur.

See how your customers really feel about your brand

Find out what the public thinks about the service you provide

See how your fans react to your latest big name signing!

sentiment example
facebook post stats

Social Media Monitoring & Reporting

Do you struggle to capture and visualise your Social Media Responses?

We know that gathering data from your Social Media campaigns or activity can be quite daunting as well as time consuming. Visualising the data so it can be presented in a way that can be easily understood can also be a stumbling block for many.

We get excited about Social Media campaigns and love to visualise the data in all sorts of graphs, charts and word clouds!

If there is a particular event, timescale or even a one-off requirement, we can help.