Are you interested in learning the fundamentals of SEO for your business’ website, but are put off by the sheer amount of information available online? Would you like to learn from somebody who has over 8 years of experience? Would you also like to learn in a relaxed way, at your office?

Well if you do, my SEO Training Courses could be just what you are looking for, you can learn all that you need to get you on the path to Search Engine domination!

SEO Training Course Options:

My SEO training courses are structured to cover all of the essential elements of SEO. With these well constructed modules, you will be able to develop your knowledge. One-to-one or group sessions are available.

1 Day SEO Training Course

– Dispelling Search Engine Optimisation Myths
– Understanding Why Websites Rank Well
– Identifying Suitable & Realistic Keywords
– Building A Quality Website
– On Site Optimisation
– Link Building Guide
– Key Areas Of Google Analytics

Tailored SEO Training Course

If you can give me an idea of your level of knowledge and what aspects you are interested in and I will be more than happy to create a tailored course for you. Perhaps you are more interested in Google Analytics, link building or content creation aspect? Whatever you’re interested in, I’d be more than happy to tailor your course to suit your needs.

Who Are The Courses For?

The courses can be attended by anybody who wants to learn about or enhance their knowledge and experience of SEO. I have delivered training to those who would be considered to be complete SEO novices to those with more than an intermediate level of knowledge and experience – both in group and one-to-one situations.