Many business owners will spend their time, effort and budget focusing on driving as many visitors as possible to their website in an attempt to generate more sales and leads, but neglect to consider what they could do to generate more business from the visitors they already have!

It’s quite simple: if your website isn’t up to the standards that your visitors expect, they will leave your website and will find what they are looking for elsewhere.

The process of improving your website to generate more business from your existing visitors is known as Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO). It will consist of a series of planned, incremental changes aimed to reduce any obstacles that are preventing your users from doing what you want them to!

The changes can include re-positioning the more important elements of your pages, restructuring the flow of, or re-writing your content. It can also include getting first-hand feedback from your visitors about their intentions and thought process while navigating around your website.

The importance of CRO on a business can be huge. For example if your current website generates one enquiry from every twenty visitors, your current conversion rate would be 5%. If this figure could be increased to five enquires from the same twenty, your conversion rate would be 25%!

Think of the impact that generating more leads from your existing marketing spend could have on your business!

The beauty of CRO is that it doesn’t have to break your bank. Talk to us about your website and your goals and we’ll advise you of the key elements that you could look to optimise to not only increase your conversion rate, but to generate more sales and leads from your existing marketing budget.

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Every business can benefit from honing their website to generate more business from their existing visitors. We’ll analyse your website and work with you to improve your Conversion Rate!

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