The world of SEO is full of self proclaimed experts who promise you and your business the world but fail to deliver any meaning results. We’d even wager that you have been burnt in the past by an SEO snake who took your money without doing any work…

We’ve seen the art of SEO evolve over the years, in truth Search Engine Optimisation used to be a quite straight forward task. You could achieve results by making sure the keywords (such as “SEO Cardiff” or “Search Engine Optimisation Cardiff”) you wanted to gain ranking for were included in your page titles & content and once you did a bit of link building you could sit back, relax and benefit from your newly acquired targeted traffic!

The past few years have been difficult for the SEO industry, Google has greatly refined it’s algorithms to improve the quality of the search results for its users. Unlike many agencies, we actually embrace this!

The Google Landscape

To be the type of website that Google wants to present to its users in organic search your website needs to be of value. Here’s an overview of some of Google’s Algorithms that have changed the SEO landscape:

Google Panda
Originally unleashed in 2011, this algorithm looks to downgrade websites lacking in meaningful or substantial content. Websites with high amount of advertising, “thin” content, duplicate or similar content will fall victim to Panda!

Google Penguin
This first surfaced in 2012 and primarily effects websites ranking that had been achieved by violating Google’s Webmaster Guidelines by using “Black Hat SEO” techniques such as buying links, building low quality links on mass and stuffing your page full of your targeted keywords.

Google Hummingbird
This is the infrastructure that powers Google Search and looks to understand the intent of the searches and deliver more relevant results.

So what does this mean?

To achieve targeted traffic over a long period of time from organic search you need to build a high quality website that provides your visitors with what they are searching for while being linked to from relevant, high quality websites..whilst not neglecting the SEO fundamentals!

How we can help:

We offer two main SEO services the first being a comprehensive SEO audit where we will go through your website with a fine toothcomb and highlight what you are doing well and what can be improved from a technical and user perspective. From here we can either help you make these changes, or you are free to work through any suggestions as you see fit.

The second is an ongoing relationship were we will identify areas to improve on a monthly basis and work together to help Google discover, crawl and understand your content in order to position it higher in the Search Results.

We believe that the days of mysterious or “off the shelf” SEO offerings are a thing of the past. We’ll take the time to understand your business and goals and devise a bespoke strategy focusing in what matters the most – such as online sales or lead generation.

To do this, we’ll often incorporate:

Technical SEO – Ensuring your website can be read by search engines and isn’t bursting with 404 (page not found) errors.

On-Site SEO – Ensuring that your targeted keywords are included in the relevant places.

Content Audit – Consolidating, expanding or removing pages that aren’t achieving

Content Creation – Publishing unique, relevant content

Link Building – Gaining links from relevant websites

Google Places – Helping your website benefit from local visitors via your Places listing

We’ll be upfront about the work we are going to do and will always deliver a report tailored exactly how you like it. What’s more we don’t believe in setup fees or long term contracts.