Google’s reporting and data visualisation tool Data Studio now connects with Search Console, allowing digital marketers to integrate Search Console data into their reporting.

Search Console data can now be included alone, or combined with data from AdWords and Google Analytics among others, to compare trends such as paid versus organic traffic.

If you aren’t familiar with the Data Studio, it was launched as a premium offering as part of the Google Analytics 360 suite, with a free version released shortly after. Last week Google announced that the five report limit that free users faced would be removed, allowing all accounts to create an unlimited amount of reports.

Why Use Google Data Studio?

Many digital marketers have their favourite tools to create great looking reports, however many do not and struggle to easily show the impact their spend and activities are having – particularly to those who may not understand the digital marketing landscape.

If this sounds all too familiar, here are some reasons that may just convince you to switch over to using Google Data Studio

Easily Create Beautiful Reports

google data studio report

Creating reports can be tedious and demoralising if you haven’t naturally got a flair for design, or numerous hours to dedicate to it. While Google Analytics tries to help with custom reporting and dashboard options, it’s quite rare for all the metrics and reports that you wish to create to be covered.

Using infographic platforms can also leave you wishing you could just create “one more” type of report as well.

Data Studio to put it simply is built for data visualisation, with the ability to add your own logo, text areas for explanations. You also have control over the colour schemes used! Data Studio offers a number of options to include in your reports such as line charts, bar charts, pie charts, time series and score cards, as well as the trusty old table format!

Data From Multiple Sources

The key selling point for Data Studio is the ability to import your data from multiple sources such as Google Analytics, Adwords, Search Console, YouTube Analytics and Google Sheets.

That is not a typo! You can pull data from your Google Sheets, meaning that you can import and visualise any data that you have!

Real Time Updates

The reports update in real time, so you won’t have to go through the pain staking updating process every time you wish to send a new report over to your boss or client. When data source is updated, so are your reports!

Easy To Share

Like Google docs, Data Studio allows you to grant access to those that you want to view your reports. It also goes that one step further and allows you to easily share links with your reports.

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