Last Summer Google began to show business names in the headlines of call only ads, with those involved in the test reporting positive increases in conversions. After further testing globally, Google has announced that it has began to roll it out for all advertisers.
Google Adwords - Business Name In Call Extension

That’s not the only significant announcement for call extensions though, Google’s blog post also revealed:

Account-Level Call Extensions

Many advertisers use the same phone number across their campaigns, so the need to manually add the call extensions multiple times throughout their account was often a cause of frustration. This won’t be the case any more with account-level call extensions.

Keywords and Ad Level Call extensions details

Soon advertisers will be include the reporting columns for “Phone impressions” and “Phone calls” to see phone-through rates at the keyword and ad levels in AdWords.

Automated call extensions

In January Google revealed that it was launching an initiative called automated call extensions, which saw Google Adwords automatically create call extensions based on phone numbers that appeared on Landing Pages if an account doesn’t have call extensions setup. If you don’t want to use call extensions you can opt out.

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