This month has seen a number of new features for Twitter users and advertisers, here’s an overview:

Twitter Polls

On Twitter’s official Blog and account it has been revealed that everybody will now be able to create polls on Twitter!
For brands using Twitter this means an easier way to engage with their audience and likewise for followers an easier way to get their opinion noticed!

Previously if you wanted to gauge the opinion of your Twitter followers you would need to ask a question and ask for “favourites”, Retweets or the use of a hashtag and try to tally it up to gain an understanding. Thankfully this will be a thing of the past and you’ll be able to create a two-choice poll from the tweet compose box, which will remain live for 24 hours.


How a Twitter user chooses to vote will not be shared publicly.
The ability to create polls is being rolled out on, iOD and Android over the next few days.

Twitter Moments

Twitter Moments is a new feature allowing users to easily find the days “best of Twitter” and is accessible by simply clicking on a new lightning bolt tab on your phone.

Once you click on the tab you’ll see the events that matter now, regardless of who you follow. As new stories emerge the list will be updated. For stories that update very frequently (such as a sporting event) you will have the option to follow the moment, which blends tweets into your timeline, meaning that you can keep as up-to-date as possible without having to move between tabs. Once the story has finished the tweets will be removed from your timeline, leaving it as it was beforehand. You are also able to swipe through topics such as “Entertainment” and “Sports” to find more stories from the past few days.

Pre-roll Advertising To Tweeted Videos

In a move which bears similarities to the advertising model used by YouTube, Twitter will insert pre-roll advertising into relevant, tweeted videos.

Advertisers will be able to select what category of video they wish their ads to appear in and will have six seconds to deliver their message to their intended audience.

The adverts will be muted, but when clicked will expand to full screen with audio enabled. The ability to click through to the advertiser’s website is not present in the product as it currently stands.
Pre-roll ads are currently only available to US advertisers and video publishers, though Twitter has said it plans to roll out the feature globally over time.

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