The Facebook owned platform has announced that carousel ads on its photo-sharing app will now support use of videos in its Carousel Ads in order to create “a richer storytelling experience.”

As of yesterday the swipe-able ad format now lets advertisers showcase three to five videos or photos within the same ad unit. You can use any combination of videos or photos (or carousels entirely made up of either) and advertisers have full control of the order of the content, meaning that if you want to tell a sequenced story, you will be able to!

Since their launch a year ago, the Carousel format was strictly limited to Images only, so this is a significant change for advertisers. This follows Instagram’s recent commitment to video content, having already expanded the allowed video duration from 15 seconds to 16 seconds, launched new channels designed to highlight videos you might like and added a view counter to videos!

Instagram’s official business blog gave detail of Disney’s recent campaign in order to promote the upcoming film, Alice: Through the Looking Glass.

Video Carousel Ads from Instagram for Business on Vimeo.

Teasing the premise of the film, the ad included videos showed the journey of Alice stepping through the mirror into Wonderland. In terms of targeting, the campaign was set up to reach Disney lovers, females 13-24 and other specific audiences to reach those most likely to be interested in the trailer. It also included a Book Now button, allowing people to buy tickets a click away from the carousel ad.

“Video in carousel allows us to bring the magic of Disney to Instagrammers in a more immersive way on mobile,” says Jessica Intihar, VP Digital Marketing at Disney. “People come to Instagram to engage around their interests and we want to spark their imagination.”

You can create your Instagram carousel Ads within Facebook’s advertising platform, or better still contact us and we’ll guide you!

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