In January Google began to roll out a whole new interface for Google Adwords. Now every advertiser should be able to access and run their campaigns via the interface. The change is huge and while it may take a little bit of getting used to, is definitely worth the switch.

Google hasn’t just made a new interface though, along with it a number of new features have been added, here are some that are worth looking at:

Additional Demographic Targeting

At the end of 2016 Google released Demographic Targeting for Search Ads to enable advertisers to target different genders and ages more appropriately. This innovation changed the way that many advertisers operated and resulted in massive increases in ROI.
In the new version of Adwords, advertisers can also target users based on their household income and parental status.

Household Income targeting could prove to be powerful for those who are promoting more price sensitive products or services. This option should allow for more aggressive bidding towards affluent users.

Parental Status will obviously be welcomed for advertisers during “Holiday” and “Back To School” campaigns, with those that work in Real Estate and Automotive sectors could also experiment with this new targeting.

Promotion Extensions

Due to be released soon to all, Promotion Extensions will allow to advertisers to shout about special sales and offers available. Historically this had always been included in the Headline or description of the advert, however this extension whilst saving precious characters, but also expands to size of the advert and makes it even more visually appealing.

New Visualisations

The interface is much prettier to look at, with the number of visualisations that greet advertisers upon login playing a big part of this.
Word Clouds are also a welcome introduction, allowing advertisers to easily identify keywords that are missing, or should be included as negative keywords.
One of the more useful gives a visual breakdown of clicks, costs and conversions across different devices, making it easier to manage device bid adjustments.

Streamlined Advanced Bid Adjustments

Managing bids can be challenging, especially with larger accounts with comprehensive adjustments, fortunately the new interface has an advanced bid adjustments option on the menu which allows advertisers to adjust bids quickly and easily to drive different actions and simplifies the way standard bid adjustments appear and are used.

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