In September Google Adwords’ original conversion metric “Converted Clicks” which debuted way back in 2001 will be retired and fully replaced with the “Conversions” metric.

The two metrics conversions and converted clicks have coexisted in AdWords for several years, but Google has long been urging advertisers to use the “Conversions” measurement.

The main reasoning behind this is that the newer metric “Conversions” supports more advanced features such as multiple attribution models beyond last click, cross-device conversions and store visits.

On Monday Google announced that support for “Converted clicks” wil cease after September. If your account is using Target CPA or Enhanced CPC based around “Converted clicks”, you or your agency partner needs to switch to using Conversions by September 21.

AdWords Conversion Settings

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While Google has said it will e-mail users to help with the migration, it is quite easy to make the switch. In AdWords, select Conversion under Tools, and switch to Conversions under the Settings section. For reporting, select the Conversions columns instead of the Converted clicks columns.

When you are switching over to the new metric, remember that you may not want all conversion events to be counted in the Conversions column in reporting. For example you may only want to count calls and enquiries in Conversions and not include downloads. Instances that aren’t included in Conversions are then included in the “All conversions” column.

You’ll also need to choose if you want to count an action just once or multiple times. For example if a user downloads multiple files, you might want to count that as a solo conversion, but you may want to include sales as multiple.

Please note that all “converted clicks” data will disappear after September, so back up any historical data that you want to keep while you still can!

For more information about moving from “Converted Clicks” to “Conversions”, view Google’s support guide here:

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